the story...

A potato pc at home, 50mb-ish mobile data pack and a spark of curiosity on a boring day - was what, you would probably say, red-pilled him as a kid to start tinkering in a now extinct IDE and write the famous Hello World program in C++. Naveen has always been a curious, rabbit-hole explorer, and not-so talkative, kind of being. Being good at mathematics (arguably), computers fascinated him. So, at 14, after school hours, he would teach himself programming using whatever at his disposal. He has been is allergic to monotonous tasks.

Naveen is a computer engineer coming from a small-time town in India. He skipped formal college education to learn a lot (pun intended). He taught himself everything from discrete mathematics, algorithms, cryptography, ML to writing quality software - websites, apps, backend etc. He is naturally drawn towards the tech at the edge. Currently, he is focused on blockchains - Ethereum mostly, smart - contracts, zero-knowledge proofs and web3.0 in general. Also, contributing to open-source that interests him.

His interest is not only limited to code. You can also find him reading books of varying subjects - economics, psychology, biographies and a wee-bit of fiction. Apart, from being fluent in Hindi and English, he's also able to comprehend Spanish with working proficiency.

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