building things

that are dope


A web3 engineer from India with experience in building things breathing on code - from web/mobile apps to servers and everything in between. Built stuff with sigma-tools including React, NextJs, React-Native, Kotlin, Node, Python, Solidity, Rust etc.

Currently focused on blockchain tech - smart-contracts, zk-cryptography and decentralized web3 protocols.


Some selected open-source works.

  • evm-rs

    A Rust implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

    rust / ethereum

  • hardhat-test-utils

    A Hardhat plugin exposing a collection of test utilities for testing smart-contracts in Hardhat projects.

    typescript / solidity

  • Artista

    Native android app written in Kotlin. Style transfer photos using Deep Learning model at the edge - no internet required.

    kotlin / android / tensorflow-lite

  • gaze-pointer-controller

    Mouse pointer controller with human eye gaze.

    python3 / intel-openvino / opencv


the tech

A subset of the tools of craft.